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A Mom's Guide to Surviving the Youth Lacrosse Season

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Mar 16, 2018 10:00:00 AM

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You already have all the lacrosse season essentials, like your child’s helmet and shoulder pads, but are you really ready for game time?

Just like your son or daughter works hard at preseason practices, moms must plan ahead to survive the next few months of feverish activity.

9 Things Moms must have for Lacrosse Season

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1)      Map Apps

Any experienced lax mom will tell you there’s always a lot of driving during lacrosse season. Whether it’s carpools to practices or trips to away games, you will put more than a few miles on your car in the next few months.

If you don’t have one already, you definitely need a map app to help you find lacrosse fields in other towns. By downloading something like Waze, you will have one less reason to be late.

2)      Snacks and Beverages

Since a lacrosse game can take up most of an afternoon, you would be smart to pack some snacks and beverages. You could eat them yourself or share them with players before or after a game. Healthy snacks, like apples, grapes and cheese sticks are recommended. Another great idea is to fill a large jug with water so you can refill players’ water bottles.

3)      Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are another useful item you may not have thought of bringing to a lacrosse game or practice. You can use them to hold muddy cleats, wet socks or sweaty equipment.

Plastic bags are a very versatile item. You could also put them under a blanket when it rains or turn it into a make-shift poncho.

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4)      Sunscreen

Since games are often outdoors in the middle of the day, lacrosse moms should always travel with sunscreen. There’s no reason not to have a bottle in the car and another one in your bag. This easy precaution can help prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

5)      Towel

Another must-have sports fan accessory is a towel. You never know when you might need one. A small towel is useful for wiping off wet or dirty bleachers.

6)      Blanket

As you pack your lacrosse travel bag, don’t forget a blanket. This item is a practical accessory all year round, because you can either sit on it or wrap yourself up in it, depending on the weather.

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7)      Lawn Chair

Even if you are in shape, it can be tough to stand for four quarters of a lacrosse game. Since many lacrosse fields don’t have bleachers, seasoned fans don’t go anywhere without a good lawn chair. Fold one up and stick it in the trunk of your car. You won’t regret it.

8)      Umbrella

Umbrellas are a must-have, because they serve two purposes. They can protect you from the rain or keep the sun off your face.

9)      Canopy

If you are really serious about being an all-star team mom, you could invest in a canopy. An easy-up canopy guarantees shade for you and several other sports parents. It can create a nice spot for game-watching or even become a place for lacrosse players to rest in between a double-header.

Lacrosse season can be an exciting and busy time for you and your child. If you follow these nine survival tips, you will be able to enjoy every moment.

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