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Become an All-Star At-Home Lax Coach

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Apr 30, 2020 4:57:27 PM

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Lately, we’ve all been spending more time at home than usual. By now, you and your kids have probably grown bored of board games. As the weather improves, adding backyard lacrosse sessions to the daily mix can help everyone beat cabin fever. Learn how to be an at-home lax coach (even if you have no experience whatsoever).

Lax Coaching Tips for Backyard Practices

First, Learn the Lingo

To walk the walk, you need to be able to talk the talk. Before your start running backyard practice sessions, learn some lacrosse lingo.

The game of lacrosse has a host of terms that only insiders know. Impress the other members of your family with your knowledge of what it means to rake the ball, goose the rock or create a yard sale.

Start with a Simple Catch

If your family is running out of things to do, maybe it’s time to have a lacrosse catch with the kids.

One of the most basic of all sports activities, a catch, is a nice way to kick off a family lacrosse session.

All there is to it is throwing the ball back and forth with your partner or around in a circle as group. This is one lax activity that can work well for parents and kids of all skill levels and ages.

Not only will it help kids active, it is also a good way to bond as a family.

Become your family's best lax coach

Stress the Fundamentals

It’s always a good idea to stress the fundamentals of lacrosse, but this extended off-season provides an even bigger opportunity to work on the basic skills of the game, such as catching, passing, scooping and shooting.

Even if you have never been a lax coach before, you can still help your kids stay sharp by encouraging them to practice the fundamentals, like scooping through the ball and shooting overhand.

Little suggestions here and there can help prevent kids from developing bad habits in the backyard.

Play Backyard Lax Games

Once you’ve devoted some time to the fundamentals, shift gears to focus on more entertaining lacrosse activities. No matter how experienced or in-experienced your family’s lacrosse players may be, there are many ways an at-home lax coach can make backyard lacrosse enjoyable.

3 Fun Lax Activities to Try

  1. Target Shooting
  2. Stick tricks
  3. Fiddlestick lacrosse

After trying these three, get creative and make some of your own lacrosse-related backyard games.

Learn to be a your family's lax coach

Watch Professional Lacrosse Together

Now is also a good time to catch up on watching classic lacrosse games with family. From last season’s New York Lizards games to old NCAA tournaments, there are endless hours of lacrosse available online. If you watch old clips with your kids in the evening, you will be able to better reinforce the day’s lax lessons from the backyard.

Just because lacrosse season has been postponed for now doesn’t mean the family’s lacrosse sticks need to be gathering dust. Try these at-home lax coaching tips with your family today.

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