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The Best Lacrosse Heads for Every Position

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Mar 13, 2020 3:26:20 PM

best lacrosse heads

Lacrosse heads come in many different shapes and sizes that have a purpose well beyond style. Features likes curves and hardness have specific benefits for specific positions. Before going stick shopping, learn all about the best lacrosse heads for attack, midfield, defense and goalie.

Choosing the Right Lacrosse Head for You

The position players on a lacrosse team all play specific roles on the field that can benefit from different types of lacrosse sticks.

The Best Lacrosse Heads for Midfield

Middies play on both sides of the lacrosse field, scooping, passing and catching all game long. Young players can gain an edge from a lacrosse head that makes it easier to perform the fundamentals of the position.

4 Things Middies Should Look For

  1. Rounded scoop
  2. Mid pocket
  3. Durability
  4. Lightweight

Attack Heads

Attackmen are the sharp shooters of a lacrosse team. To score goals, they need to be able to precisely place the ball in the back of the net.

The best lacrosse heads for attackmen are usually narrow ones with a tight throat.

However, the throat of a lacrosse head must be at least three inches wide, according to National Federation of State High School Associations lacrosse rules. Anything less could cost your team a penalty.

The best lacrosse heads are durable and flexible.


Since defenders typically throw more checks than any other position player, the best lacrosse heads for defensemen are those that are durable and have a stiff head. This can help to prevent a defender’s stick head from breaking or bending too much when throwing poke or slap checks on an opposing player.

A wide face is another key feature of the best lacrosse heads for defensemen. However, it’s important to remember that all heads must be no more than six inches across their widest point, according to the NFSHSA.

Goalie Sticks

For obvious reasons, goalie play requires a head that is shaped differently than other positions. It’s wider than the others and features a deeper pocket to help goalies block shots. Even still, there are different types of heads goaltenders can choose from. The best option for this position is a head that is firm, durable and reactive.

Before worrying about which brand to pick, consider these qualities of the best types of lacrosse heads for your position. Having the right stick in your hand can make a big difference in your game.

Happy stick shopping!

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