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How to Achieve your Fitness Goals in the New Year

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Dec 29, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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If you play lacrosse, the start of a New Year is a good time to evaluate your off-season workout routine and set new fitness goals. With roughly two months until the first day of high school lax tryouts, the work you do in January could set the tone for the entire season.

Do what you Love

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Without the right mindset, exercise can sometimes feel like work even for professional lacrosse players. But, if you choose a workout routine you enjoy, it will give you something to look forward to every day. Whether you are passionate about cardio circuit training, weight lifting or another type of workout, doing what you love will give you a better chance of sticking with it throughout the New Year.

Mix up your Routine

If you want to stay committed to a workout schedule this off-season, you should think about mixing up your routine. It’s easier to become bored with one type of workout than a cycle of different activities. You could incorporate swimming, yoga or any kind aerobic activity to keep your routine fresh and reduce muscle strain associated with repetitive motion.

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Workout with Friends

Another mistake young athletes make is working out alone. Besides it being less fun, it is easier to quit if you don’t have a friend’s shoulder to lean on. Whether you work out with the team or pair up with a pal, exercising with others will keep you accountable and engaged.

Commit to Realistic Fitness Goals

It’s common for athletes to begin the year like gangbusters and then fizzle out before too long. One reason is that many set unrealistic physical fitness goals. If you set the bar too high, it is easier to become discouraged later on. Instead, make your goal a milestone that is just outside your comfort zone. Whatever goal you choose, sharing it with friends, family and even on social media will make it feel more real.

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Take Baby Steps

If you haven’t been working out all off-season, it’s better to start off slowly. There are negative consequences to overdoing it, including injury and burn out. Exercise experts suggest that taking baby steps is a better way to help you get comfortable in the gym again. For example, you could start off doing two 30-minute workouts per week and then slowly add more sessions.

Whether you want to make first string or All-American in 2018, setting and achieving your fitness goals in the New Year will be key to your success.

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