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How to String a Lacrosse Head the Professional Way

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Oct 21, 2015 1:32:47 PM

how to string a lacrosse stick

From tight shooting strings to deep pockets, stick customization is a time-honored lacrosse tradition. Though pre-strung lacrosse heads are available, players take pride in stringing their own. If you’d like to have better control over your stick’s performance, learn how to string a lacrosse head today.

What You’ll Need

First, you will need a few supplies. These items are sold as part of a stick stringing kit which you can buy online from Dick's Sporting Goods or at your local lacrosse store.

  • 1 Lacrosse Head
  • 1 Mesh Piece
  • 2 2 ½ foot Sidewall Strings
  • 1 3-foot long top String
  • 3 Shooting Strings
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

How to String a Lacrosse Head in 6 Steps

To shoot like New York Lizards all-stars, you will need more than a store-bought stick. If you string a stick yourself, it will give you control over the tightness of the shooting strings and the depth of the pocket.

Burn String Ends

Before beginning, burn the ends of the strings to prevent fraying. This makes learning how to string a lacrosse head easier, because you will be pulling strings through small holes throughout the process.

Stretch and Fold the Mesh

The mesh is designed to hold the ball in the center of a lacrosse head. To start stringing your stick, stretch out the piece of mesh to fit the shape of the head.

Next, the mesh should be folded over to line up the first and third rows of 10 diamonds. The flap left over from folding goes at the back of the lacrosse head. Place the rough side of the mesh towards the front of the head where the ball would sit.

Top Stringshow to string a lacrosse head

Tie a single knot at the end of one of the top strings. Pull that string through the top stringing hole on the upper left corner of the head. Pull the other end through the first diamond. Then, loop it back through the same stringing hole. Pull the string tight to lock the top corner of the mesh to the head.

Next, pull the top string through the first hole on the back of the scoop. Pull the string down and through the second diamond. Repeat this process through each diamond and every other hole across the top of the head. After pulling the string through the last diamond, pull it through the remaining open top hole. Once complete, you can tie a knot and cut the string to secure your mesh.

Sidewall Strings

Begin the process of stringing sidewalls by tying a knot in the string. This time, pull the string through the sidewall hole, which is located one notch down from the top hole. In the same manner, loop the sidewall string through the diamonds of the mesh. Pull the string through each diamond and back through the next sidewall hole until you reach the bottom. At the last hole, tie the knot as tightly as possible to secure your pocket.

Repeat the process on the opposite sidewall.

Bottom Strings

The excess piece of top string can be used as a bottom string. Again, tie a knot at one end before you begin. There are many different ways to tie the bottom of a lacrosse stick based on your personal preference, but follow the same general method as top strings and sidewall strings. Bottom strings can be later adjusted for increased pocket depth.

Shooting Strings

Shooting strings and laces cut horizontally across the top of a lacrosse stick. After tying a shooting string to a sidewall hole, pull through the diamonds in the mesh to the other side of the stick. With the second length of string, weave under and over the first piece of string. When finished, both lengths of string can be tied together and adjusted for the proper pocket.

Lacrosse players often tie a shooting lace below the shooting string as well as another lace in a U-shaped pattern in the pocket. Shooting strings are all adjustable according to personal preference.

Once you have tied all the knots securely, you will have a personalized stick ready for shooting. Then, you can show all your friends how to string a lacrosse head.

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