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3 Lacrosse Defense Drills That Will Turn Your Team into a Contender

Posted by Devin Aiken on Apr 14, 2015 11:00:00 AM

They say defense wins championships (or at least most reporters say it did). As players have become stronger, faster and more technically skilled, the prevalence of high-powered offenses has taken off in Major League Lacrosse. Last summer alone the Ohio Machine scored 200 regular season goals, 13 more than the next team. While their offense was potent, the Machine failed to reach the MLL championship. The teams that did make it had either the best defense, or the best combination of both. Defense is still a necessary part of any championship team, and with the right lacrosse defense drills you can build the championship caliber defense that will make your team a more cohesive unit.

The 3 Major Lacrosse Defense Drills – The Alley, the Asterisk, the Transition

1.       Alley Drill

The lacrosse alley drill is one of the most basic lacrosse defense drills (and it’s also one of the most useful). Your defenders will learn basic positioning and begin to develop the agility they will need to mitigate the opponents attack. Below is a video from Howcast that will help you set up the drill.

2.       Asterisk Drill

Notre Dame has put together one of the best lacrosse programs in the NCAA, and it all starts with good coaching. Of all of their lacrosse defense drills, the Asterisk drill may be the most popular. Designed to simulate the footwork, communication and basic positioning your defenders will need to succeed in their role. Check out the video below to see the Asterisk drill in action.

3.       Transition Drill: 3 v 2 Full Field Drill

While the two previous lacrosse defense drills will help you protect your net, you need a way to transition swiftly if you intend to build a championship-caliber team. This transition drill from U.S. Lacrosse is designed to help your team establish a proactive counter-attack. After all, it gives your defense some teeth, and while defense is important, it also helps to score some points. Click this link from U.S. Lacrosse to see the drill in full.

With the proper training, your team should be able to improve both defensively and on the counter. It might even spark a championship run. Still, the best way to help your players learn is by letting them play in game-like situations (camps, tournaments, etc.).            

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