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Old but Reliable Lacrosse Drills for Youth Players

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Oct 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Great lacrosse players are built on the development of fundamental skills, like scooping, catching and shooting. While it may be popular to hire personal lacrosse trainers or buy expensive equipment, there are many tried-and-true lacrosse drills for youth players that still develop great results.

5 Time-Tested Lacrosse Drills for Youth

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1)      Cradle Relay Races

For this cradling drill, you will need 10 or more players, a bucket of balls and several cones.

  • Set up players into straight lines
  • Place a cone 20 yards down the field

At the whistle, one player in each line runs toward the cone while cradling. The player runs around the cone and back to the line where they place thee ball in front of the next player. The drill continues until all players have the chance to run around the cone. The first group to have all players complete a loop wins.

2)      Ground Balls

Hungry Hippo is an excellent way to improve players scooping skills.

To run this drill, you will need two lines of players, two buckets and at least 30 lacrosse balls. Players form two lines about five yards apart. A coach throws lacrosse balls in front of the two lines.

At the whistle, the players run out and pick up ground balls. Then, they cradle the ball back to the bucket sitting at their line and place it inside. The team with the most balls wins.

3)      Passing and Catching

The Triangle Drill is one of the easiest lacrosse drills for youth to perform. All you need to have to complete for this passing and catching exercise is three players and a lacrosse ball.

The three players stand 10 yards or more apart and pass the ball back and forth to each other. The ball can move clockwise or counterclockwise around the horn, or even quickly change directions. After players warm up, they can switch to working on their weak hand.

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4)      Shooting

Youth lacrosse players can practice shooting on their own at any time, but team practice is where they have the opportunity to simulate game-like situations.

Simple cutting drills help players learn how to catch and shoot on the run.

Players should start 15 to 20 yards from the goal line on either the left or the right side. The player should cut diagonally across the face of the goal. A coach who is standing near or behind the goal feeds the player as they cut. The player then catches and shoots on the run.

5)      Defense

The Monkey in the Middle lacrosse drill is a great defensive exercise that helps players develop their takeaway skills. It’s very similar to the childhood game except the “monkey” is a long pole defender. The other two short stick players pass the ball back and forth, while the defender tries to take it away. This drill gives the defender the opportunity to work on their poke checks, lift checks and slap checks.

These are five of our favorite lacrosse drills for youth players. Do you have any you run with your team that are not on our list?

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