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3 Lacrosse Drills that Sharpen Players’ Passing Skills

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Feb 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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It’s easy to take catching and throwing for granted. However, these fundamentals lacrosse skills can get rusty without regular repetition. As a result, many teams frequently practice lacrosse drills that develop these core skills.

Popular Lacrosse Drills that Reinforce the Fundamentals

Youth lacrosse teams typically begin their practices with a serious of line drills. These exercises are an excellent opportunity for players to improve basic lacrosse techniques, like passing and catching with both hands.

1)      2-Line Cross

The two-line cross, which is one of the basic lacrosse drills, is a staple of practices everywhere.

How to Run the Drill:

  • In this simple drill, the squad is broken into four different lines.
  • The lines, which sit on opposite ends of a square area, face each other.
  • Each group of players is placed about 10 to 20 yards apart, depending on their skill level.
  • In case of dropped passes, place extra balls at the start of each line.
  • At the whistle, the ball handler and the player in the opposite line begin moving toward each other.
  • Before they cross paths, the ball is passed from one player to another, who then passes it to the next player in the line.
  • This pattern continues for the length of the drill.

2)      3-Man Weave

The three-man weave is a common basketball drill that is frequently adapted for use in youth lacrosse practice. It is an excellent way to develop passing and catching skills on the move.

How to Run the Drill:

  • Players form three lines at one end of the field.
  • One player in the middle and one at each sideline.
  • The middle player starts the drill by passing to one sideline player.
  • The player who just passed the ball then cuts wide around and behind that player.
  • The sideline player who just received the ball then passes to their teammate on the opposite sideline.
  • The passer once again cuts wide around and behind the player that caught the ball.
  • The drill then continues in that pattern up and down the field.

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3)      The Hippo Drill

The Hippo Drill is a popular lacrosse passing exercise disguised as a full-field scrimmage.

How to Run the Drill:

  • In this activity, a squad is broken up into two 10-man teams.
  • Each player is only allowed to hold on to the ball for three to five seconds.
  • If the ball handler can’t pass or shoot in that time, their team loses possession.

The idea is to teach young players to move the ball up-field faster, which tends to increase scoring opportunities.

While these three lacrosse drills are guaranteed to improve passing skills, they will also simultaneously sharpen other related skills that help build well-rounded players.

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