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Lacrosse Flow: The Top Hair Styles in the Game

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Jul 20, 2018 10:00:00 AM

lacrosse flow 900Th00In lacrosse, it’s important to look good both on and off the field. However, some players’ hairstyles take that ethos to the extreme. While it may look strange to outsiders, lacrosse flow is as much a part of the game as ground balls.

What is Lacrosse Flow?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term lacrosse flow refers to “A person whose hair 'flows' out of the back of lacrosse helmets. This essential piece of hair can also be referred to as 'lettuce.' There is a very fine line between great flow and over flow. This great flow is commonly called 'flowfection.' When the flow is totally out of control it is called a 'flowtastrophe,' but that is not here nor there.”

Lax Locks don’t go out of Style

lacrosse flow 11

From Paul Rabil to the Reh brothers, nearly every lax player has experimented with lacrosse flow at one time or another. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be an official game if there wasn’t at least one player who had a healthy mane of hair falling from the back of their helmet.

Long-haired Lizards Stars

Paul Rabil

Although Rabil now sports a tamer coif, he came to the New York Lizards in 2015 with lacrosse flow in full effect.

Troy and Justin Reh

Recent Lizards’ draftees, Troy and Justin Reh, are blessed with great hair. These two SUNY Albany grads are carrying on the lax locks tradition in a big way.

Jerry Ragonese

In some ways, lacrosse flow is a rite of passage. Even Lizards’ FOGO Jerry Ragonese, who is recognizable for his goatee and shaved head, once had long, flowing hair.

lacrosse flow 15

Brain Spallina

Brian Spallina, a former Lizards’ defenseman, was not just a member of the lacrosse flow club, he might have been its president. His locks extended well past his shoulders.

Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson, a former Lizards’ attackman, was another player who believed in the power of hair. His long blond hair was often the last thing a defender saw before he beats them to the cage.

These are few prime examples of lax locks. Do you know any other players with epic lacrosse flow? Share your pictures in the comments.

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