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3 Tricks Pro Lacrosse Middies use to Score More Goals

Posted by Tom Hallissey on May 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM

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Pro lacrosse middies are able to beat goalies on the regular, because they have perfected fundamental skills. From getting open to downhill dodging, the New York Lizards are revealing a few tricks from the professional playbook.

How to be the Top Scoring Lacrosse Middie on your Team

1)      Getting Open

Obviously, the first step to scoring is getting your hands on the ball. But, it often takes considerable effort to make that happen in a game situation.

While the opposing defense is working to create a takeaway, you must find a way to get open.

3 Tips to Get the Ball

  • Keep your feet moving
  • Create space from defenders
  • Break toward the ball

One thing professional midfielders never do is stand still and wait for the ball to come to them. Flat- footed offensive players are easy-pickings for eager defenders.

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2)      Dodging Downhill

One central mistake young players make is not dodging north-south. Even if you have perfected your lacrosse dodges, it won’t get you closer to the goal if you are moving in a lateral direction. East-west dodges are not recommended, because they will rarely put you in a scoring position. Instead, you may find yourself closer to the sideline.

Because the shortest distance between two points is always a straight line, north-south dodges are the most effective way to score in lacrosse.

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3)      The 3 Ps of Shooting

The top point scorers in Major League Lacrosse work hard to perfect their craft. They focus on three things: placement, precision and power.


In order to beat a lax goalie, you will need to be able to place your shot in open areas. If you are new to the game of lacrosse, you can focus on bouncing the ball in the dirt just before the goal line. Experienced players should focus on hitting specific spots in the net, like the goalie’s off-side hip.


Paul Rabil and other New York Lizards midfielders score more goals, because they are precise. They have developed a shooting motion, which enhances accuracy and velocity. For example, it’s highly recommended players shoot overhand and fully follow through.


With top goalies like Drew Adams in net, professional middies can only put points on the board when they have a little mustard on the ball. Young players can take a page from the pros by utilizing the power of body position. By combining the strength of the upper and lower body, you will be able to generate more power.

If you want to gain a spot on your youth lacrosse team next season, practice these tips in the off-season.

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