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Solo Lax Practice: Fun Ways to Improve on Your Own

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Apr 17, 2020 3:45:28 PM

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With local schools temporarily closed, youth lacrosse players have plenty of time to work on their game. Instead of playing video games or watching TV, why not set aside some time every day for solo lax practice? It will help you stay sharp for when lacrosse season resumes.

Create your Own Private Lax Practice

Wall Ball

Wall ball – the act of repeatedly throwing and catching a lacrosse ball against a flat wall – is one of the most effective ways to build individual lacrosse skills. It has long been highly recommended by coaches and professional lacrosse players alike.

Wall ball helps improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills that can translate into on-the-field success. And besides, what’s more fun than firing a lacrosse ball at a wall over and over?

As your handle gets better, it is also the perfect activity to work on throwing and catching with your weak hand. After you master the basics, try including more challenging wall ball drills into this type of solo lax practice.

A lacrosse net is good for solo lax practice.

Backyard Shooting

If you are lucky enough to have a lacrosse net in your backyard, shooting around is a fun way to pass the time on your own. Whether you focus on picking corners or shooting in the dirt, the more shots you fire every day will put you one step closer to playing for the New York Lizards.

As your shooting improves, work on where you are placing your shots in the net. Developing better aim now will pay off big time once lacrosse seasons starts again.

Stick Checks

For defensemen, midfielders and even attackmen, individual practice time is also a good opportunity to work on stick checking. Despite what you might think, you don’t actually need an offensive player for these types of drills.

Instead, you could hang a stick vertically from the netting of your lacrosse goal. Then, stand an armslength away and throw poke checks and slap checks to your heart’s delight.

solo lax practice is a good time for working on groundballs.


Scooping groundballs is another fundamental lacrosse skill you could practice in your own backyard or on another open grassy surface.

Start by scooping one ball at a time while considering how your body is positioned. Then, line up a few lacrosse balls several feet apart and scoop through them at full speed. Remember to bend your knees when you run through the ball.

Solo lax practice not only helps you improve individual skills like these, it’s also a lot of fun. Now, grab your stick and a few lacrosse balls and get out there!

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