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How to Standout in Lacrosse Tryouts

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Feb 25, 2016 10:00:00 AM

lacrosse tryouts

To defeat the competition in lacrosse tryouts, you must first win the off-season. By regularly performing skills, cardio and weight training, you will be prepared to wear your school’s jersey with pride.

3 Ways to Prep for Lacrosse Tryouts

1.      Lacrosse Training

Whether you are working your weak or strong hand, improving stick skills is a necessity. As spring starts to arrive, grab a buddy and play catch for an hour or so. If no one is available, you can always find a neighborhood wall and work on improving your weak hand.

Since passing is the primary way to advance the ball in lacrosse, it’s a prerequisite for succeeding in lacrosse tryouts. Regardless of a lacrosse player’s position, time spent improving passing skills is never time wasted.

Practicing shooting is a fun and simple way to prepare for the season. Whether you have a cage or your school has one, taking the time now to hone your craft can result in more playing time later. After working on bounce shots, spend time picking the corners in the cage to improve your accuracy.

On every team, there are players who secured a roster spot, because they have a nose for the ball. In lacrosse training, any amount of time devoted to practicing scooping is time well spent.

lacrosse tryouts

2.      Weight Training

From checking to shooting, strength is pivotal to success in lacrosse. By developing and sticking to a weight lifting routine, you can be at your best during lacrosse tryouts and throughout the rest of the season.

Warming up for weight training is always recommended, because it raises an athlete’s core body temperature in preparation for the strenuous work out to follow.

Regular repetition of upper body exercises can add another dimension to an athlete’s game by increasing strength that pays off in the physical game of lacrosse.

Lacrosse players (and midfielders in particular) who have great lower body strength are an asset to their teams. In the fastest game on two feet, working out your lower body muscles will improve your entire game.

Always remember to allow ample recovery time to allow your muscles to grow stronger.

lacrosse tryouts

3.      Cardio Circuit Training

Cardio circuit training is an effective way for lacrosse players to improve their conditioning, because it provides a total body workout.

As fast as the game of lacrosse itself, cardio circuit training is a strenuous workout that doesn’t require a huge time commitment. Clocking in at just 20 to 30 minutes, it strengthens and tones muscle groups from head to toe.

With no breaks in the routine, this type of exercise elevates your heartrate, burns calories and increases your metabolism.

By allowing you to switch quickly from exercise to exercise, cardio circuit training defeats gym boredom.

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