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Learn How to be a Team-First Lax Player

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Nov 29, 2019 10:00:00 AM

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Lacrosse is a true team sport. From Major League Lacrosse right down to the local New York youth leagues, the best lax players don’t just have mad skills, they are great teammates, too. If you would like to make a greater contribution to your youth lacrosse team in the spring, one thing you can do is learn to put the team first.

What Makes a Lax Player a Good Teammate

Although it’s important to spend time at the wall and in the gym, learning to become a better teammate could also help you earn a spot on your youth lacrosse team in the spring. Consider how developing these five qualities of a winning teammate could ultimately make you a better lacrosse player.

Put the “We” before the “Me”

World-class lax players know the value of putting the team above personal glory.

They work on threading the needle, not showboating with stick tricks. By putting the “we” before the “me,” unselfish lacrosse players are more of an asset to their team on and off the field.

Don’t have a Blasé Attitude

A lax player with a good attitude helps the team not only in games, but in the locker room and on the practice field as well. Whether the team’s down in the fourth quarter or on a losing streak, these athletes are the type who helps everyone maintain a positive attitude.

Four lax players who have a great attitude.

Show Respect to Others

Lacrosse, America’s oldest sport, is a team game where athletes learn about the value of sportsmanship and the importance showing of respect to teammates, coaches and referees. Youth lacrosse coaches can easily spot a good teammate by how they treat others, including opponents after the game. Learning to be a good sport will often help young players develop into better students, too.

Communicate Effectively

Even though players wear helmets and mouth pieces, communication is very important in the game of lacrosse. Team-first lax players are always communicating. Whether it’s the goalie telling defenders to slide or the middie calling a groundball, those players who learn to speak up often help their teams win more games.

Hustle all the Time

More than any other factor, lacrosse games are won and lost on hustle. Whether it’s the attackmen running to the end line after a goal or the middies sprinting back on defense, lax players who put in the extra effort always put their teams in a better position to win.

Good teammates often rub off on others, too. Your hustle and good attitude just might become contagious, inspiring others on your team to up their game.

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