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5 Tips for Working out in Cold Weather

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Dec 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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With tryouts approaching, the winter months are the prime time to get in shape. However, it is challenging to stay on course with a workout regime while battling frigid conditions. Whether your off-season training has been hampered by wind, rain, snow or simply a lack of desire, these five tips for working out will help put you back on track.

New York Lizards’ Winter Tips for Working Out

1)      Suit up and Show Up

In the winter, it’s easier to stay at home on a cold night than to step outside to workout. However, the path of least resistance seldom gets anyone more playing time on the lacrosse field.

The first step and most important of our tips for working out in winter is to force yourself to suit up and show up. After that, everything else tends to fall into place.

One great way to keep your fingers from freezing while is to suit up with latex gloves underneath your lacrosse gloves. Big thanks to Lizards fan Shane for this tip!

2)      Embrace the Elements

It’s also important to be mentally tough when working out in cold weather.

After putting on layered clothes and stepping outside, embrace the elements rather than fight them. The more you concentrate on the cold, the more you will feel its chill.

A poor mental attitude, which is focused on anything but personal improvement, can destroy a workout.

3)      Set Attainable Goals

Motivation is a key component of winter workout success. It is what drives athletes to work harder even as the mercury continues to drop.

The best way to get and stay motivated is to set a goal or a series of goals. Whether you are looking to shave a few seconds off your 40-yard dash or build endurance, creating attainable goals will lead to greater productivity throughout the winter.

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4)      Start Slow

During any season, it’s common for athletes to start fast and burn out quick. This problem can be particularly dangerous in the colder, winter months when it’s easier to make excuses not to workout. As lacrosse tryouts, the last thing a youth lacrosse player needs is to lose motivation.

Rather than trying to do everything at once, start slow. This will let you grow into your routine and avoid injury.

5)      Stay Committed

Many athletes start pre-season workout routines but fewer follow through on those plans.

The key to success is to stay committed to a basic regime that builds core competencies like speed, endurance and quickness. By working out week after week, you will see bigger results that will help you make an impact on the lacrosse field.

Finally, our list of tips for working out wouldn’t be complete without a reminder that when the going gets tough, the tough get going … even in winter.

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