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Unleash the Power of Your Stick with Lacrosse Stick Taping

Posted by Devin Aiken on Mar 13, 2015 4:44:00 PM

Unleash the Power of Your Stick with Lacrosse Stick Taping

Most sports in America you can play with just a few pieces of equipment. To play baseball all you need is a ball, a glove and a bat. To play basketball or soccer, all you need is a ball. To play lacrosse… well the equipment list is a bit longer. With all of that additional equipment comes more gear combinations than the Oregon Ducks have uniforms and quite a lot of maintenance. Here’s how to take care of your most important piece of equipment (your stick) with some lacrosse stick taping.

Lacrosse Stick Taping – Why Should You Do It?

1.       Better Grip

As much as lacrosse is a game of brute force and physicality, it is also a game of finesse. When you first buy your stick, it’s probably going to look sleek and smooth. While it probably looks great, it will be nearly impossible to handle. Lacrosse stick taping will help you get better grip, improve your handling and improve your shot power.

2.       Safety

Taping will also keep your stick from flying out of your hands after a hard shot. A flying stick may not be a major problem when you and your teammates are all wearing pads, but it can prevent injuries when you’re not wearing your gear. So, before you go out to practice make sure you’ve got some tape on hand.

Lacrosse Stick Taping – How to Do It

1.       Clean It

Tape does not stick well on dirty surfaces and, if you’re an avid lacrosse player, chances are your sticks probably covered in mud and other forms of grime. Just wipe down the surface with some warm water before you start wrapping.

2.       Unroll Tape

With the base of the lacrosse stick facing up, unroll a couple inches of tape and begin wrapping it around the base. How much you wrap is up to you, so feel free to play with different configurations.

3.       Wrap It

To finish, put the cap back in place over the current wrap. Then wrap again over that section to ensure the cap is locked back onto the stick.

With some fairly minor lacrosse stick taping you’ll not only improve handling and shot power, you’ll have another piece of customized equipment for little to no additional cost. Paul Rabil and the Lizards all wrap their sticks, and you should too.


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