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3 Wall Ball Drills for Youth Lacrosse Players

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Jan 25, 2017 10:10:00 AM

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Wall ball is a universal lacrosse practice activity. Even stars like Paul Rabil and Matt Gibson continually improve their stick skills through the simple act of tossing a lacrosse ball against a wall. It’s what helps Rabil shoot the rock with authority, and it enables Gibby to dust defenders with shocking regularity. However, wall ball is not just for the pros. It is also an effective way to help new lacrosse players gain confidence with catching, passing and cradling skills.

What you Need

  • A flat brick or concrete wall at least 10 feet high
  • A lacrosse stick
  • Lacrosse gloves
  • A lacrosse ball
  • A water bottle

Simple Drills Youth Lacrosse Players can Practice

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For youth lacrosse players, any time spent at the wall is time well spent. While many use the time to improve their weak hand, so much more can be accomplished at the wall by practicing drills like these.

1)      Quick Stick

In a quick stick, a lacrosse player catches and quickly throws the ball back to the wall without cradling. Improving stick speed is essential to success in the fastest game on two feet.

Through the continued development of stick skills, hand-eye coordination and reflexes, young athletes have the opportunity to earn more playing time next season.

2)      Face Dodge

At the wall, add dodging practice to basic throwing and catching drills.

  • Catch the ball
  • Perform a face dodge
  • Throw the ball back against the wall
  • Repeat the process several times
  • Then, switch hands

3)      Split Dodge

Youth lacrosse players can become better with their weak hand by practicing split dodges at the wall. In the game of lacrosse, well-rounded attackmen and midfielders pose the greatest threat to the defense.

  • Throw the ball against the wall with your strong hand
  • Catch it with your strong hand
  • Switch hands
  • Throw the ball against the wall with weak your hand
  • Catch it with weak your hand
  • Split dodge back to your strong hand

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Wall ball is more than throwing the rock against a flat surface and catching it. In these videos, today’s superstars show you how to take wall ball to the next level.


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