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New Women's Pro Lacrosse League to Launch in 2018

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Nov 3, 2017 10:00:00 AM

pro lacrosse-701351-edited.jpgThe Women’s Professional Lacrosse League will play its inaugural season next summer. With franchises in New York, New England, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Upstate New York, the new women’s pro lacrosse league pledges to provide an athlete-first approach to all its affairs.

“As a league we aim to provide post-collegiate women's lacrosse players the premier platform to showcase their athleticism and skill,” said WPLL commissioner Jen Adams. “Fans can expect us to roll out a fast-paced and dynamic brand of the game, as well as innovative programming surrounding all aspects of the league.”

WPLL Reignites Interest in Women’s Pro Lacrosse

The WPLL is both a pro lacrosse league and a development program for rising talent. With the motto “for lacrosse players, by lacrosse players,” the WPLL “will prioritize character development as a means to excelling in life on and off of the field.”

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The new league will strive to make an impact on young female athletes through a focus on character and leadership. Aside from games and practices, the WPLL will provide training for both professional and personal development, including training in everything from fitness to personal branding.

The WPLL is a separate entity from the semi-professional United Women’s Lacrosse League, which just finished its second season in August.

Local Squad, the New York Fight, Choose Local Coach

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The league’s local team will be known as the New York Fight. They will be coached by Hofstra University’s Women’s Lacrosse head coach, Shannon Smith. In addition, two former Hofstra student-athletes, Kelsey Gregerson and Lindsay Scott will play for the Fight. A second New York franchise will be called the Upstate Pride.

“This game just continues to get better and better,” said WPLL founder Michele DeJuliis. ”The athletes are bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled. The pace of the games that we watch today is incredible.”

Women’s Lacrosse League Strives to Empower Athletes

The WPLL’s brand of pro lacrosse is about more sports. Its vision is to serve young women now and long after their careers have ended by harnessing the potential of a generation of lacrosse players to become a generation of high-impact leaders.

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“The WPLL and our programs are designed to support the growth of girls and women to excel in life, which includes encouraging their dreams, supporting their pursuit of them and fostering an environment in which they can practice creating and innovating,” said DeJuliis.

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